Floating Cinema Event

With a Floating Cinema the event series finally started last Saturday!

Bicycle cinema in the city, cinema in the countryside, floating cinema on the Spree – with short films, performances and thematic tours.
Moviemiento is finally back with several open-air cinema events with an opulent supporting programme in and around hometown Berlin.

The Stadt_Land_Fluss (city_country_river) tour started with the Floating Cinema, the FLUSS (river) event on the Spree.

Kayak tour with Kayak-Berlin – In the afternoon of 10 June, about 30 participants set off together with Kayak-Berlin from the Landwehr Canal to the Insel der Jugend, where the evening event of the Fluss Event took place.
During the 3-hour trip, the participants learned more about urban nature, ecology and living creatures in Berlin’s waters.
What do the canal and the Spree mean for Berlin, city on the marsh? What about the water we paddle on and drink? And who lives here alongside the people in and on the water? With these and other questions, the tour set out on a joint search for traces on the water in the city.

Wasser zu Sekt (Water to champagne) – surreal slow motion performance with Chapeau Club
Chapeau Club opened the programme on the water in front of the Insel der Jugend and presented a dadaistic and interactive performance with Wasser zu Sekt and the black and white dotted spectacle emerged from the sensual nonsense water journey, in the sign and language of slowness.

Talk with Jan from Spree:publik
Also a guest: Jan from Moviemiento’s cooperation partner Spree:publik. In an interview, the audience learned a lot about life on a houseboat as a family, the current political situation in Rummelsburg Bay and how the Spree has changed as a living space in recent years.

International Short Film Programme Everything Flows – Water as a Resource and Habitat
As dusk fell, the film programme curated especially for this event began.
It opened with the results of the Couch Potato Stop Motion Challenge, an online challenge launched for the project. 23 teams from 4 countries had each animated a short stop motion sequence with a potato as the main character.
The main programme took the audience on an exciting journey to magical places on, in and under the water.
Together the audience swam through 70 minutes of short films of different genres, met a fisherman without a lake, accompanied a fisherwoman on Madagascar through her everyday life changed by climate change and found out what happens when car tyres drown. The audience experienced this and much more on this journey through water, which is much more than just a resource and habitat.

With the project Stadt_Land_Fluss (City_Country_River), Moviemiento aims to contribute to the sustainability debate and actively invite people to open up new perspectives on much-discussed topics through creativity and art.

Next up is the LAND event on 10.7.2021

Photos: Nadja Bülow