Workshops in film and media education

As part of our very first cultural experiences, moving images give us concrete ideas about the world from an early age. In order to be able to critically read and reflect on film forms, we need the appropriate skills.

Moviemiento develops participatory workshop concepts based on the conviction that the more familiar you are with the way media are produced, the better you can understand and interpret them. The main focus is on the creative use of everyday media, such as smart phones, storytelling, audiovisual language and the development of social skills through teamwork. It is always a great sense of achievement to produce your own film.

Moviemiento develops ideas for film education workshops for children and young people in various genres. The workshops are participatory, all participants go through every phase of film production and make all the important decisions themselves.

Feel free to ask us for a format of your choice animated film with stop motion technique / documentary film / short feature film

Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.