Bicycle cinema

Bicycle cinema is about making it possible to experience what it means when energy does not come from the socket, but has to be generated with your own muscle power. Hardly anyone has a feel for electrical power. What does it mean to generate 100 watts continuously (e.g. for an hour)?

Fancy bringing the bike cinema to your city?

The bike cinema is 100% energy self-sufficient: 10 cyclists can experience what it means to use their own muscle power to generate the electricity for the projector, laptop and sound system. An off-grid cinema experience! For schools, festivals, events and public activities.

The bicycle cinema can be booked (incl. set-up and support).

Costs on request, depending on effort and travelling distance. There is one bicycle cinema in Berlin and one in Freiburg.
Customised assignments are also possible.

We look forward to your enquiry!

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