Bicycle cinema in the city, lay-down cinema in the countryside or floating cinema on the Spree – we are returning to our roots by organizing open air cinema with all the trimmings – and of course (as always) for free.
Each event has its own theme – city, country and river – and starts with an interactive guided tour to the venue – by bike, canoe or on foot through woods and meadows in and around Berlin. The evening program illuminates each theme through artistic performances and ends with an open-air cinema under the stars.
With this project, we aim to make a contribution to the sustainability debate by inviting participants to explore new perspectives on these much-discussed topics through creativity and art.

Join us!

For the Couch Potato Challenge and the Events

There will be an open call for entries for both the guided tours and performances as well as the short films, which will be published here shortly.
In the run-up to the events in summer we additionally want to get people off the couch by joining in our Couch Potato Challenge! From March 22nd to April 7th you will have the opportunity to work on a collective stop-motion animation film with teams from all over the world. Everyone can participate, without any previous filming knowledge!
The films this created will be shown as previews in the open air cinema at the events. Tutorials for StopMotion beginners & all information on Challenge as well as the regstration link can be found here.

Three Themes

Three Events

Higher, faster, further?- Energy & Mobility

we will experience via our bicycle cinema.
At the energy self-sufficient cinema, 10 bicycles are used to pedal electricity for the cinema. The audience can take turns and is also invited to bring their own bikes.

Less is more – Deceleration and Sufficiency

we will try out our lay-down cinema. The screen hangs high up in the trees and the audience lies on mattresses or hammocks with a view of the sky and the canopy.
Everything flows – water as a resource & as a space of possibility

We will dive into this via a floating cinema. The screen is on land and the audience sways in boats on the river in front of the films.



2021, 14 days stop motion challenge, 3 days of events in summer


Bicycle Cinema in the city, lay-down cinema in the country, floating cinema on the river Spree with short films plus performances

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