Superheroes film workshop

In the first school semester of 2021/2022, Moviemiento was again a guest at Karlsgarten Elementary School in the beautiful Schillerkiez neighborhood in Berlin Neukölln. Once a week, the Film AG met in the afternoon and developed a miniseries. The genre this time was short feature films and the theme was “something with superheroes”. Initial improvisations quickly turned into story ideas. The students not only developed their own superhero*ine or antihero*ine characters, but also the complete script for their films. In two film teams, a miniseries of two short films entitled “The Superhero*ine School” was created. All students played their roles in front of the camera and stood behind the camera as part of the film team in the other scenes. The film was shot with one team each for an entire weekend from morning to evening – almost like a real shoot.

Stop Motion Workshop


During the summer vacations 2021 Moviemiento cooperated with the Waldschule Plänterwald and organized an animation workshop as a trial offer for the Film AG. With the support of the forest educators, we focused on animals and plants from the forest, which often serve as role models for superheroes. Within one week, the participants learned to animate their superheroes from nature in short stop motion scenes. At the end, the film was premiered in the presence of the parents.

Superheroes film workshop


2021 | 2022, weekly for several months (Film AG), Berlin, Germany
2021, 1 week (Holiday Workshop), Berlin, Germany


Feature film workshop at Karlgarten Elementary School
Animation vacation workshop at Waldschule Plänterwald

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  • Karlsgarten Elementary School (Germany)

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