Back to the roots: With a two-week raft tour, Moviemiento was once again on the road as a traveling cinema. At riverbanks along the route open air cinemas with short films, concerts and small workshops took place.
The tour was organized in cooperation with the collective Panther Ray. The collective has a self-built raft that serves as an open stage for art and culture and lived community. Together with Panther Ray, Moviemiento presented a colorful program of events in six cities and communities on the tour through Brandenburg’s waters.
A meadow on the shore became a spontaneous meeting place, where friends, residents, people who knew it through press or people passing by by chance met, stayed together, listened to music and the water became a stage.

The program

Six events

Berkenbrück and Müllrose: Herb tour with Edible Alchemy, screen printing workshop, stilt performance by Team La Supreme, concert by Schubi Straßenfeger, open air cinema.
Eisenhüttenstadt: Screen printing workshop, concerts by Benedikt Gramm and Fat Kahoona, open air cinema.
Kienitz: Herbal tour with Edible Alchemy, screen printing workshop, performance by Maraña, concert by Bison Rouge, open air cinema with short films.
Oderberg: Screen printing workshop, DJ set by Matthias Morgenstern, concert by Joanna Gemma Auguri, open air cinema.
Eberswalde: Screen printing workshop, concert by Joanna Gemma Auguri, open air cinema.

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Tour documentary

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2021, 14 days rafttour, 6 days events, Germany


Travelling cinema raft tour through Brandenburg. Six events with short film cinema, concerts and offers to participate

  • Moviemiento e.V.

  • Panther Ray

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