10.7. Lay-Down Cinema

Land (Country) Event

10.07.2021 in Biesenthal

Nature Walk / Herbal Tour | Concert & Reading | Lay-Down Cinema – The screen hangs high up between the trees and you lie on mattresses or your blankets with a view of the canopy.

Herbal tour only with registration here.
Concert & reading, cinema without registration.
All free of charge.
The event ends at approx. 23:20. We ask all visitors to leave afterwards. There will be no overnight accommodation.


ca. 17:30-19:30: Nature Walk / Herbal Tour.
Discover wild herbs in the settlement area with all your senses: Get to know edible herbs with the alchemists from Edible Alchemy! Look, feel, rub, smell and sometimes – carefully! – with green light from us! – try it.
Tools for the future: empowerment. Where do I collect? Where does what grow? Where is it safe (in terms of toxins…).
Teaching positive alternatives to consumption. If you collect edible wild herbs that cost nothing, are healthier and taste better than the salad from the supermarket, you also prevent environmental damage caused by transport and/or agro-industry.

Herb tour only with registration due to limited group size. Link to registration here.

20:30-21:30: Concert and Reading
” …For ten years I have been looking upwards for that cloud-biting anchor shape, that crossbow flinging through the air.. ”

Intentional excerpts from: The Peregrine _ John A. Baker
With the kind permission of the publisher Matthes & Seitz, Berlin.

Jayrope & Lippstueck aka Air Cushion Finish
Letters & lucid sounds – concert and reading.

22:00-23:20: Lay-Down cinema. 80min. international short film programme.
The screen hangs high up in the trees and you lie on mattresses with a view of the sky and the canopy, or you bring your own blankets!
The programme tells of monkeys in the executive suite, the language of trees, why butterflies can be flying gold and how it sounds when voices from Madagascar are remixed. With us, less is more and we dive deep into nature and the art of deceleration.

Stilt performance:
The birds and insects of the stilt performance group Team la Supreme appear unexpectedly from the forest to play with the guests. They enchant you with their fascinating costumes and tickle you with their feathers.

Drinks & Snacks:
On site, the bacteria bar from Edible Alchemy offers the opportunity to get to know and appreciate friendly microorganisms! Mainly in the form of natural, home-brewed lemonades made from crystals of water kefir (Tibicos), ginger beer yeasts and the kombucha culture Snowflake. ‘Natural’ here means genuinely probiotic, i.e. alive. The additions for the final bottle fermentation are regional & seasonal, i.e. in mid-July mainly blossoms & berries! And the champagne bubbles are ready.

There will also be a small kiosk with more drinks and snacks (chips, peanuts etc) but no food. Feel free to bring picnic food if you get hungry.

Location: Kleiner Wukensee e.V., Uhlandstraße 16-23, 16359 Biesenthal.

Shuttle Biesenthal train station <-> Wokule (event)
We have arranged a ONE TIME shuttle between Biesenthal train station and the Wokule (at 19:45) for people without a bike.
-Shuttle from Biesenthal station to Wokule: 19:45
(RB24 from Ostkreuz at 19:03/arrival 19:37)
-Return from Wokule to Biesenthal station: 0:30
(last train RE3 -> Hbf 1:02)
Seats are limited and cost 5€ (return journey).
Only possible with registration in advance, payment by Paypal only.
Please register by mail with the number of passengers and full names to: christian(at)oviemiento.org

General arrival by train: RB24, 34 min. to Biesenthal station, then 20-30min by bike to Wokule/Kleiner Wukensee e.V. Uhlandstraße 16-23. No bus goes there.

Parking spaces for cars available.

The event will end at approx. 23:20. We ask all visitors to leave afterwards.
The next train back to Berlin is also the last one (1:00am) and we ask you not to miss it. There are no overnight accommodations. It takes around 30 minutes by bike to the station. There is no public transport to the station. Our shuttle runs only once and trip must be booked in advance. (see above)

Event in cooperation with Kleiner Wukensee e.V. and Kultur im Bahnhof e.V.

The event is part of the STADT_LAND_FLUSS (city country river) series of events:

Each event has its own theme. In the city it is about energy & mobility, in the countryside about deceleration & nature and on the river about water as a resource & habitat. Each event starts with a tour to the venue – by bike or canoe or on foot through forests and meadows in and around Berlin. The evening program highlights the topic in a different way through artistic performances and ends with an open air cinema under the starry sky.
With this project, we pursue the goal of contributing to the sustainability debate and want to actively invite people to open up new perspectives on much-discussed topics through creativity and art.

The next event is the STADT (city) event:
August 07, 2021
BICYCLE CINEMA in the city.
Higher, faster, further? – We experience energy & mobility through a bicycle cinema.
At the energy self-sufficient cinema, 10 bicycles are used to pedal electricity for the cinema. The audience can take turns and is also invited to bring their own bikes.
More program points will follow soon. HERE you will find all the latest information.

1.+2.Photo: Julia Niksch
3.+4. Photo: Fotos: Frank Sperling
5.6. Photo: Ulrike Matschinske