Thematic tour formats wanted!

Call For Participation
Thematic tours, rallies, mobile workshops wanted!
Deadline: 20.05.2020


Moviemiento returns to its roots and is on the road with a series of events in and around Berlin, and of course, as always, open air and free of charge!

You know how to stroll? Do you do scavenger hunts, canoeing or cyclingtours, or
underwater walks with plant identification….?
Then we are looking for you. Apply now with a participatory tour for one of our three events.

Each of the three events is dedicated to the topic of sustainability with its own thematic focus and ends with a special open-air cinema. The day will start with a participatory tour to the venue – by bike or canoe or on foot through forests and meadows in and around Berlin. The evening programme will take a different look at the topic through performances and ends with an open-air cinema under the stars.

The tours can last several hours, but should not be too demanding in terms of sport. They should give interested participants the opportunity to dive in the theme of the evening, to walk familiar paths in a new way and to see the surroundings with different eyes. The tours must be possible in the late afternoon / early evening and should end between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. at the venue.

Three events – three themes

CITY (probably 07.08.2021)
Higher, faster, further? – Energy & Mobility
…we experience through a bicycle cinema, where the audience pedals the electricity for the cinema on stationary bikes.
Here they can also enjoy being mobile during the tour, perhaps a thematic bicycle discovery trip or scavenger hunt to the venue? Not only do we have to pedal for the electricity for the cinema, the journey there should also be as sustainable as possible.

COUNTRY (probably 10.07.2021)
Less is more – deceleration & nature
…we enjoy in the lay-down cinema. The screen hangs high up in the trees and the viewers lie on their on mattresses with a view of the sky and the leafy canopy.
Here it’s relaxed and all about slowness – a botanical walk through the forest, the 10 most beautiful leaf hut constructions for summer nights or what does a “real” forest actually look like?

RIVER (probably for 19.06.2021)
Everything flows – water as a resource & habitat
…we experience at the Floating Cinema. The screen is on land and the audience sways in front of the screen in pedal boats or rubber dinghies in front of the films.
There is water in all directions, even the city is always in flow – we would like to approach the end of our small series on water. Perhaps by canoe, rediscover familiar paths and learn something exciting about our city from the water?

All this is just food for thought – surprise us with your ideas for participatory tours!

We can pay a maximum of 1000€ for the tour for each event.
Please send any questions to
Everything about Stadt_Land_Fluss can be found here.