Single events

Small but mighty – Moviemiento on the road.
Moviemiento has partaken in various events. From the Fusion Festival Kinohangar to the pedal-boat-cinema on lake Chiemsee to hosting an open air cinema on the rooftop of the Jahr100 Ausstellung for the Fc St. Pauli football club, screening short films in public places is what Moviemiento does best.

Participation extends to a large number of international cooperation projects too: invitations and collaborations, from one evening to collaborations over weeks or months, are always welcome.

2003-till now

Always something new:

Beyond our larger projects, here are some events, from cosy outdoor cinemas in the late summer to cinema floors at festivals, that have taken place in recent years:


• Presentation of the Couch Potato Stop Motion Challenge with film screening and live animation table at the Netzfest week of the rpCampus of re:publica. Berlin, Deutschland 2020.


• Two Bicycle Cinema events at the largest European hacker conference, the Chaos Communication Congress. Leipzig, Germany 2019


• Moviemiento was invited by the student hotel to participate in the discourse format Bed Talks with the Bicycle Cinema. While padeling on the bikes and watching films in the foyer, discussions took place in the salon. Moviemiento presented the participatory approach of the Bicycle Cinema and answered curious questions about culture, sustainability and creativity. Bed Talks | Berlin, Germany, 2019


Bicycle Cinema in cooperation with the youth and cultural centre Demokratiebahnhof Anklam in the context of Weltwechsel. Anklam, Germany 2019


Bicycle Cinema with projection on a ship’s sail, as a kick-off to the climate cruise Turning the Tide – Streaming for Climate Justice! of the two traditional sailing ships Lovis and Hawila. Lübeck, Germany 2019


Bicycle Cinema at FRE!LAUF DIY Bike Camp with a short film programme on the theme of cycling, mobility and community in the summer twilight. Kuhlmühle, Germany 2019


Bicycle Cinema at Change Days of the WWF Youth, a youth camp lasting several days on the subject of climate protection. Friedland (Brandenburg), Germany 2019


• Lying cinema during the Shine On Festival of the Kleiner Wukensee e.V. in Biesenthal. The lying cinema consisted of a screen in the trees by the lake with the audience lying down on mattresses and watched a programme of documentaries about the Kleiner Wukensee e.V. Biesenthal, Germany, 2019


Bicycle Cinema during Earth Hour at the Brandenburger Tor. The energy for the screening with environmental and climate related short films was produced by bicycles. The bicycle cinema was hosted by Moviemiento and UfU in cooperation with WWF Germany who organized the Earht Hour.


• Screening of the animation short films from the Living Legends tour at IL Kino, Berlin, Germany, 2018


• Screening of the animation short films from the Living Legends tour at the Moos Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2018


• Short film screening during the Safttage, Kuhlmühle, Germany, 2016


• Short film screening during the 7th Congress of the Hedonist Intenrnational, Schwichtenberg, Germany, 2016


• Various events reached by bicycles, in collaboration with Graffiti Research Lab/Light Rider and Alle Macht den Rädern, Berlin, Germany, 2015


• Workshop during the conference Cultural Management Without Borders, Hochschule Heilbronn, Germany, 2015


• Partner Make Chocolate Fair-Tour:
Screening at Mörchenpark, Berlin, Germany, 2014
Party-floor and info stall at Vogelball, Hamburg, Germany, 2014


• Peace Bar during the May 1st celebrations, Berlin, Germany, 2014, 2015, 2017


• Short film evening at Cascada Verde, Uvita, Costa Rica, 2014


• Short films at Kinohangar at Fusion-Festival in Lärz, Germany, 2003 to 2013


• Guest reading and screening on the subject of sustainability in international cultural work with short films from the CineCita-project workshops


• Screening of the CineCita documentary at Zeise Kino, Hamburg, Germany, 2012


• Screening and concerts at the festival Zuhause im Pool, Berlin, Germany, 2012


• Open air cinema at the festival Am Ende Der Wald, Biesenthal, Germany, 2012


• Floating Cinema at Übersee: Short film projection on the water for an audience sitting in boats on the Chiemsee, Germany, 2010 bis 2013


• Open air cinema with short films at the market in Quedlinburg, Germany, 2011, 2010


• Screening of the CineCita documentary at Filmkunst Bar, Berlin, Germany, 2011


• Screening of the short film-program of the Le Rêve Roulant Project at Filmkunst Bar, Berlin, Germany 2011


• Short film screening at Short Cutz Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2011


• Short film screening on Mobility and Urbanity during the project ‘Erfahre Halensee!’, Berlin, Germany, 2011


• Open air cinema with short films at Museumsdach der Jahr100 Ausstellung des FC St. Pauli, Kino auf Containern, Hamburg, Deutschland, 2010


• Short film projections on the sail of t ship Lovis, Segelflimmern auf dem Fischmarkt im Hafen Hamburgs, Germany, 2010


• Cinema floor, Champagnerama, Berlin, Germany, 2010


• Cinema floor, Wild Wedding #1 + #2, Berlin, Germany, 2010


• Short film screening, Renates Ferienlager, Berlin, Germany, 2010


• Cinema floor, Barfuss Sommerlandung Festival, Kiekebusch, Germany, 2010


• Cinema floor, Wolne Miasto Gdańsk Festival, Danzig, Poland, 2010


• Short film screening, Write the Wall, Berlin, Germany, 2009


• Short film screening, UDK Summer University, Berlin, Germany, 2009


• Short film screening, Raus in die Natur Festival, Gussow, Germany, 2009


• Cinema floor, Biesenthaler Sommerfest, Biesenthal, Germany, 2009


• Short film screening Some Fear and a Bunch of Dreams during the Europe Week at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, USA, 2007


• Short film screening, Wicked Christmas Market, Berlin, Germany, 2007


• Short film screening, Glutrosa Seegras, Berlin, Germany, 2007


• Open air cinema with Short Films: Summer Special – of Cowboys, Killers and Cosmonauts, Amphitheater im Mauerpark, Berlin, Germany, 2006


• Short film screening, Sommerwerft Experimental Theater Festival, Frankfurt, Germany, 2006


• Short film screening, Schloss Lanke, Bernau-Lanke, Germany, 2005


• Short film screening and Party, Zmf, Berlin, Germany, 2005


• Short film screening and Party, Golden Gate, Berlin, Germany, 2005


• Short film screening, Red House Cinema, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2005


• Open Air-Cinema, Lodkite Park, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2005


• Guest-Screening, Riesa Efau, Dresden, Germany, 2005


• Screening in collaboration with TüWi, Wien, Austria, 2005


• Screening, Studio 9 Moving Arts Wave, Bangkok, Thailand, 2006


• Project partner with the exhibition CLICK-a-CLICHÉ, Berlin, Germany, 2005


• Partner at Era Novy Horizonte Festival, Cieszyn, Poland, 2005


• short film screening in collaboration with Quick Flick, Barcelona, Spain, 2005


• Project partner of the international summer school of Thalia Theatre, Halle-Neustadt, Germany, 2005


• Short film screening, Festival of Alternative Cultural Exchange f.a.c.e., Novi Sad, Serbia and STADT, Montenegro, 2005


• Short film screening in collaboration with ASART, Pietrasanta, Italy, 2003


• Guest-Screening, Sea-u-Site Festival, Wittstock, Germany, 2003