Tour 2003

Moviemiento – Short Films on the Road


Moviemiento was established as a forum for young European filmmakers and a multicultural audience and intended to connect people and places through mutual visions.

The central idea of Moviemiento was born in 2003 as a synchronization of the big passions from the founding members: traveling, films and meeting people. Moviemiento toured as a traveling cinema over six weeks through six countries, hosting open air film screenings in public spaces in large cities. The team invited the local community to share the unique events which were always free of charge. Attractive urban spaces served as a setting and provided the stage for intercultural exchange. The tour started in Berlin, moved on to Amsterdam, Bern, and Barcelona, made a spontaneous stopover in an abandoned hospital in Tuscany, and finished in Zagreb.

The Film Programme

Road Movies

Ten films were selected for the short film programme, out of over 300 entries, from young filmmakers from all over Europe. The topic was road movie in the European context, and included themes such as movement, journeys, adventure, exchange, mobility, confrontation, and freedom. The audience prize went to the Spanish film Historia de un buho (History of an Owl) as their favorite.


Through the act of traveling over Europe and shooting it on video, Moviemiento was simultaneously creating a road movie while screening a selected short film programme on the same topic.

Tour 2003

Short documentary of the tour.

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Tour 2003


2003, 6 weeks, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Croatia


Traveling cinema with open air filmscreenings

  • Moviemiento (Germany)

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