Tour 2005

A Festival on the Move!
Traversing historic and cultural settings, capturing trends, and sparking new ideas from one country to another – networking throughout Europe!

The second traveling cinema tour was oriented towards the new eastern member states of the European Union. The tour started in Berlin, went on to Krakow, Budapest, Momiano, Pietrasanta, Marseille, and on to Barcelona. The creative use of public spaces allowed the festival to incorporate the unique atmosphere of each city and location.


Constantly the diversity of European perspectives was reflected, not only within the films, but also by the different audience reactions and impressions from the screenings, cultures, and cities captured in the tour documentary shot during the trip.

As in 2003, the goal was to promote young talented filmmakers by screening their work all over Europe and to connect people, places, and cultures by the way of film. The festivals approach was unique; rather than being restricted to a single location, Moviemiento was screening films (open air and free of charge) in a number of different cities throughout Europe and thereby reaching a broader audience.

The Film Programme

Nomadic Ambitions

The final selection of the film programme included films from six countries chosen from over 300 entries. A balance was maintained between the countries of origin, adhering to the topic of nomadic ambitions, and themes such as travel, migration, the search for home, crossing borders, and interior journeys. The program reflected diverse interpretations on the themes and was more expansive then the 2003 road movie theme.

Tour 2005

Short documentary of the second tour.

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2005, 2 months, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain


Traveling cinema with open air filmscreenings

  • Moviemiento (Germany)

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