Bicycle Cinema

The Bicycle Cinema produces electricity for the cinema itself. Ten spectators sit on stationary bicycles and produce the energy for sound and image by pedaling.

The Bicycle Cinema makes it possible to experience what it means to generate electricity with own muscle power and at the same time makes climate protection and mobility a central theme.

Moviemiento curated an international short film programme for the Bicycle Cinema in 2018, which toured 16 German cities for one summer with a large, all-day supporting program. The KlimaAktionsKino, short KLAK, organized by UFU e.V. and Solare Zukunft e.V.


Since 2019, the Moviemiento team has been organizing various events itself as another partner of the Bicycle Cinema.

During Earth Hour, which symbolically turns off lights of landmarks and buildings around the world, the Bicycle Cinema shone with self-produced electricity in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The Bicycle Cinema hosted also a screening for the Change Days of the WWF Youth, a youth camp lasting several days on the subject of climate protection. A further highlight took place in the port of Lübeck, where short films were projected onto the sail of the ship Hawila, a joint action with the traditional sailboat Lovis, with whom the team fell in love back in 2008. At the end of the year, two bicycle cinema events were held at the largest European hacker conference, the Chaos Communication Congress, in Leipzig.

We are looking forward to further screenings with the Bicycle Cinema!

The short film programme

Bicycle luck, climate protection and mobility

Climate protection and mobility are not only being addressed through pedaling for electricity. The short films shown are also intended to make viewers think about the world we want to live in. At the same time, the love of cycling, inventiveness, activism and bizarre things about bikes is celebrated. Documentaries, animations and fiction are shown. Always free of charge, mostly open air.


The series on YouTube

During the KLAK tour the YouTube format KLAK TRIFFT… (KLAK meets..) was brought to life. At each location visited by the Bicycle Cinema, individuals, organizations or initiatives who are also committed to a sustainable, more beautiful life were interviewed.

Interviews with the tinkerer Christian Kutz, with a solidarity agriculture, with food savers, a free cargo bike rental or with a Bikekitchen were held. Exciting backgrounds about clothes exchange and dry toilets were illuminated – and these are only a few of the great projects that show us many possibilities and call for participation and imitation.

Have a look at them and talk to us – we are looking forward to further KLAK TRIFFT… possibilities.






Photos: Nadja Bülow
Photo 10, 27, 28: Nadja Bülow /UFU e.V.

Bicycle Cinema


Since 2019, regularly, Germany


Bicycle powerd cinema

  • Moviemiento (Germany)

  • UFU e.V. (Germany)

  • Solare Zukunft e.V. (Germany)