Free harbor for arts and culture

Water is for everyone. This is the motto of Berlin’s Spree:publik collective, the association of cultural rafts in Rummelsburg Bay – a grown fleet of self-built rafts, a collective of floating stages, studios and workshops that provide the city and its residents access to art and culture on the river in the heart of Berlin.

Together, Moviemiento – as a cultural partner – and Spree:publik want to drive the process of designing a cultural harbor on the banks of the Stralau peninsula in the summer of 2022 so that the idea can become reality.

During four professionally guided “learning journeys,” different interest groups will meet, exchange ideas, and jointly develop visions of what a public harbor for art and culture could look like in a participatory process. In addition to the participants of the collective, neighbors, politicians, cultural workers or simply interested water rats will be invited.

There will also be three public pilot events to test possible formats for culture on and near the water.

Three Events

On and near the water

Saturday, 03.09.2022
Bicycle – Raft – Cinema
There will be two floating raft stages where theater will be performed and short films will be shown. The audience will watch from the shore and can pedal the power for the cinema themselves with our bicycle cinema.
Program and details coming soon!

Location: Dreiländer Eck
Tuesday, 21.6.2022
Floating Stage (for the Féte de la Musique)
20h Floating Concert: Raz Ohara
21h Floating Cinema: Short film program Water Worlds (engl.)

Concert stage and cinema screen are located on two rafts, Panther Ray and Taubenhaucher, firmly anchored on the water. The audience rocks in front of it in their own boats. Come in your inflatable boats, kayaks, rowboats or rent something from the boat rentals around the bay.

From 21h on we will distribute headphones so as not to disturb anyone. Just bring your passport for the rental, it costs nothing!

Raz Ohara’s style is like a kaleidoscope in which elements of techno, dub, soul, hip hop and jazz merge into a dynamic and unique stream of music. Loops and sounds come from his own recordings of different instruments, which he performs in a unique way.
The international short film program WATER WORLDS takes you on a cruise to the sinking of the world, colorful underwater worlds and coral reefs, emphasizing the urgency to take care of our oceans. Some films are in English, without subtitles.
Sunday, 10.7.2022
Lake festival with all the rafts and lots of culture on and near the water.
Program soon here.

Location: On the Rummelsburger lake near Bartholomäus Ufer/Stralau



2022, 6 month, Germany


Vision finding, events on and near the water, cinema, concert, theater

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