Free harbor for arts and culture

Water is for everyone. This is the motto of the Berlin collective Spree:publik, the association of cultural rafts in Rummelsburg Bay – a grown fleet of self-built rafts, floating stages, studios and workshops that provide the city and its residents with access to art and culture on the waters in the heart of Berlin.

Spree:publik – with Moviemiento as a cultural partner – has driven the process of designing a harbor for art and culture on the shores of Berlin’s Stralau Peninsula in the summer of 2022 so that this idea can become a reality.

During four professionally guided learning journeys, different stakeholders met to exchange ideas and jointly develop visions of what a public harbor for arts and culture could look like in a participatory process. 

There were also three public pilot events through which possible formats for culture on and near the water were tested throughout the summer.
In addition to the Learning Journeys and the events, a short documentary was produced that introduces the Spree:publik and the vision of the free harbour. See below

Three events

On and near the water

FLOATING STAGE (parallel to the Fête de la Musique).
With a Floating Concert by Raz Ohara and a Floating Cinema with a short film program.
Concert stage and cinema screen were spectacularly located on the two rafts Panther Ray and Taubenhaucher, which were anchored in the water. The audience stayed in front of them on other cultural rafts, in kayaks, rowboats, inflatables, canoes, etc.
The electronica musician and singer Raz Ohara enchanted the audience with his music in the sunset. After that, the international short film program Water Worlds started and took the audience on and under water, emphasizing the urgency to take care of our oceans. In addition, the Liebe Bar tantalized the palates from its raft.

The big sea festival on the Rummelsburg Bay with all rafts of the Spree:publik collective. The program extended over the whole day with workshops for children and adults, various concerts, panel discussions and much more.

With the theatrical audio walk From the Bottom of the Sea, a concert by singer-songwriter Schubi Straßenfeger, bicycle cinema with a short film program and the premiere of the short documentary Spree:publik – A free harbour for everyone.
For the event, the cultural raft Panther Ray moored as a floating stage at the triangle between Kreuzberg, Treptow and Neukölln and the audience watched from shore. The special thing about this evening: the electricity was completely self-sufficiently pedaled by the audience on bicycles.

Photos: Nadja Bülow

Spree:publik - a free harbour for everyone

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2022, 6 month, Germany


Vision finding, events on and near the water, cinema, concert, theater

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