Arts and culture between Cairo and Berlin. The German-Egyptian cultural exchange project formed after Temporary Home in 2012, where The Actor’s Theatre had an artist residency. Through the project, ten members of Moviemiento travelled to Cairo and ten Members of Actor’s Theater subsequently came to Berlin.

On one hand the exchange aimed to involve creative use and intervention in urban public spaces and on the other to collect inspiration from both cultural environments in order to develop a theatre play.

First Part

Moviemiento in Egypt

In the cities of Cairo and Alexandria both organizations connected with civil society actors and artists. They swapped ideas and visions on arts and culture in public spaces.

Furthermore texts were created in a workshop on the topics of freedom, democracy and happiness. These written pieces served as inspiration and base for the play developed by The Actor’s Theatre.

Second Part

The Actor's Theatre in Germany

In return, the Egyptian drama group came to Berlin, carrying the stage and props of the play in their luggage. A plastic dream celebrated its debut at Heimathafen, a theatre in the district of Neukölln, and was performed at Moviemiento Summer Sessions, and in the amphitheater in Mauer Park in front of 750 spectators. The last being the very first open air performance of The Actor’s Theater.

Back in Cairo the play proved to be a crowd-pleaser. By the end of 2013, the play had been performed more than 45 times. The Actor’s Theatre was also invited, as the first independent drama group ever, to perform at the prestigious Arabic Theatre Festival, in Sharjah, UAE.




(Photos 1-15, 17, 19-26: Nadja Bülow,  16, 18: Tilman Vogler)


CultureSITES Film

Short documentary of the project (4min).

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2013, 1 month, Egypt, Germany


Theatre, cultural exchange

  • Moviemiento (Germany)

  • The Actor's Theatre (Egypt)


Moviemiento met the artists from ColoringThruCorruption in Cairo and participated in of their actions.

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