Take part! In our Couch Potato Stop Motion Challenge

For the challenge, teams or individuals animate small stop-motion scenes one after the other, with a small potato as the main character. One team receives a starting scene from Moviemiento and then shoots its own continuation of the story. After that, it’s the next team’s turn – with each team only knowing the previous scene and having 48 hours to animate. 
In the end, all the scenes will be put together to make a joint film.

No previous animation or film knowledge is necessary! All you need is a smartphone with a stop-motion app. We have created four video tutorials explaining the basics of stop-motion technique, set construction, sound making and tips about the app we use. We use the app Stop-Motion-Studio and support you in its application (but we don’t get paid for recommending it!).

Who can participate? Everyone – you can register here as an individual, a household, an organisation, with your family or friends, etc. You need to be able to speak German or English.

The project connects people from all over the world by sharing a creative and interactive experience – from home.

• November 18, 2021: Registration deadline

• November 23, 2021: Kick-off event: We meet online to get to know each other as well as the other teams and to clarify any questions. Duration: approx. 1 hour.

• November 24 – December 10, 2021: Couch-Potato-Challenge: Each team has 48 hours to animate it`s sequence. Of course, we will discuss your exact time slot in advance.

• December 12, 2021: Online Premiere: We’ll meet online to watch the finished film and you can share your Couch Potato Challenge experience with the other teams.

Attendance at the kick-off event and/or premiere is not mandatory.

Where can the finished films be seen? With the kick-off event, the films will be available on Vimeo and here on our project website.


Rules for all teams

1. You have 48 hours to create your own stop-motion sequence.

2. The sequence should be at least 10 and maximum 30 seconds long.

3. Your sequence must start with the last frame of the previous team’s sequence. This means you should REBUILD the last image as best you can and continue animating with your story from there. Rebuilding creates a creative and fun transition from one scene to the next.

4. The last image of your sequence must therefore be easy to recreate for the following team. (Please do not use a black frame as the last frame)

5. The main character must be adopted and reproduced as identically as possible.

6. Use universal symbols instead of written language if possible so that the film is comprehensible beyond language borders (e.g. an ice cream symbol instead of the words “Ice Cream”).

7. No racist, heterosexist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory depictions, statements or content. No political statements. Do not include brand and/or product names. No representation or depiction of real people (including yourself), e.g. in the form of photos, newspaper clippings, caricatures, etc.

8. Create your own sounds with mouth, objects, instruments etc.. Please also use only homemade music.

9. Do not use any real spoken language in the soundtrack, so that the film remains comprehensible beyond language borders.

10. The participating teams are not allowed to talk to each other during the challenge.

11. Set the frame rate in the app to at least 12 frames per second (frame rate: 12 fps) and quality in HD.
 Please check both again before exporting your film.
12. Only film in landscape format – in 16:9.

Let’s go!


You can find the tutorials and previous film from other rounds here.


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