¡Resisting the news!

Within the framework of the TANDEM cultural manager exchange programme, Moviemiento participated in networking and training workshops in Germany, Turkey, and Hungary. Together with 30 other participants from Turkey and the EU, partnerships were formed for the realisation of common projects.

Moviemiento’s resulting partnership with the Puruli Culture & Art in Turkey coincided with the weekend the Gazi protests of spring 2013 took place: These events, taking place throughout the whole country, fuelled a desire to reflect images from the protest movement into the project. Moviemiento and Puruli were already connected to cultural actors from the protest movement in Egypt, instigating the idea to exchange with Egyptian video artists. A four-day video workshop thus ensued, underpinned by the topic of civil disobedience.

The Video Workshop

Found Footage and Video Activism

For the workshop, two video artists each from Germany, Egypt, and Turkey were invited to the Goethe Institute in Ankara. Over four days, the participants worked together on collages of found video footage and audio material dealing with topic of civil disobedience. The videos served as an alternative narrative to what the mainstream media vulgarised concerning the actual protest movements. Discussions about the films and the topic followed each public screening in Ankara and Berlin. The results of these discussions were exhibited over several days in Istanbul in autumn 2014.

Video of the cultural manager exchange programme:

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¡Resisting the news!


Programme: 2013/2014, 15 months, European Union - Turkey


Cultural managers exchange programme:
European Union - Turkey,
Project: Video Activism Workshop, screenings, exhibition

  • Cultural managers exchange programme:

  • MitOst e.V.

  • Anadolu Kultur

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  • Moviemiento (Germany)

  • Puruli Culture & Art (Turkey)


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