Le Bazar Roulant

Le Bazar Roulant was an interdisciplinary art and culture project. A large group of international participants travelled the mostly rural Cevennes region in Southern France, with upcycling workshops, a give-box, a selection of the finest short-films, and a diverse cultural programme- free of charge.

The aim of Le Bazar Roulant was to examine consumer behavior and the possibilities which new ideas like upcycling can offer.

The Film-and Cultural Programme

Rebirth and Renewal

Rebirth and Renewal were the topics of the international call for entries. The selected short films accessed the topics either in a poetic way or showed very hands-on concepts of reduction, re-use and recycling.


In addition to the pre-selected film programme, the journey was filmed and at each station the team presented in a short clip showing what had happened so far on the tour.

Before and after the open air screening local artists presented music, acrobatics and a varietee theatre. Yummy food and cold drinks were also offered.

Workshops and Give-boxes

Give and Take

Through workshops, which were open for kids, youngsters, and adults, items that were sent to the trash were brought back into the circle of life. Old plastic bottles and iron sheets were turned into wind-powered toys, flowers were planted into old shoes, glass bottles were cut to make usable drinking cups, and wallets and belts were made out of old bicycle tubes, to give just a few examples.
Additionally, give-boxes were built, in many of the stops, from found wood and bulky waste. A give-box is a public facility, normally in the shape of an open cabinet, which is used to give away goods. This ´box` can be filled by any passerby with clothes, books, games or anything else they no longer have need of. Everyone can rummage in the give-box and take what ever he or she likes because everything inside is free to take.




(Photos: Nadja Bülow)

Bazar Roulant Film

Short documentary of the project (5 min).

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Le Bazar Roulant


2014, 2 weeks, France


Open air film screenings, workshops, give-boxes, performances

  • Moviemiento (Germany)

  • L'Atelier Toupie (France)

  • La Fee Nadou (France)

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