Moving Parks

In the summer of 2010 Moviemiento invited Berliners to immerse themselves in a unique music and film event. With the help of our charming Kinomobilny bar, Moviemiento travelled to various parks and public places in Berlin with their portable film festival as a part of the Moving Parks tour.

The Film Programme

In Special Places of Berlin

The captivating thing about the Moving Parks tour was not only the charismatic locations, but also the selected short film programmes that created thematic connections to the uniqueness of each of the chosen venues. The first stop, Walpurgis Night on the vibrant Cuvry Street in Kreuzberg, showed short films on the subject of Spring Fever. South Schöneberg was next on the list, with the theme Urban Nature connecting participants with the natural space. Reuterplatz, in the culturally diverse suburb of Neukölln was well placed to present films on the theme of Migration.

The highlight of the tour however was definitely the Floating Cinema. Spectators took to the waters of the Spree in pedal boats and paddle boats to watch short films projected onto a screen placed on the Isle of Youth. As was fitting for the setting, the theme of the Floating Cinema was Water Worlds.

The end of the summer was celebrated in glorious fashion at the historical Schlossplatz in central Berlin. Giant soap bubbles were blown in the air to the theme of Daydreams And Castles In The Air at the site where the controversial city castle began construction shortly after the event.

Moving Parks


2010, 4 month, Berlin (Germany)


Open air screenings

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