The German-Polish traveling film festival, Kinomobilny, was a unlike your typical one. This one meant traveling by bike. It was developed for the 20-year anniversary of the fall of the wall, together with one of the Polish partners from the Moving Baltic Sea project.
After two big kick-off screenings in Berlin and Gdansk, the international team started a three-week long tour. They travelled by bike in a zigzag along the Oder-Neisse Line up north to the Baltic Sea, alternating daily between Germany and Poland. Short films were screened open air and free of charge in 10 villages and little cities along the way.

The Film Programme

Topic Borders

After a successful call for entries for short films in both countries the team compiled a collection of films. The programme allowed an entertaining look into daily life on both sides of the border. The idea was to challenge reciprocative stereotypes and present serious topics to a wider audience in a humorous light.

The Kinomobilny

A Caravan Love Affair

A very special artifact from this project is still haunting the streets of Berlin. In order to have the necessary infrastructure for the events available during the tour, the team converted a gorgeous old GDR-caravan into a bright blue mobile cinema-bar. The Kinomobilny (German: Kinomobilchen) has since been an essential part of many project and events organized by Moviemiento.




(Photos: Nadja Bülow)

Kinomobilny Film

Documentary of the Kinomobilny tour (9 min.)

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2009, 3 weeks, Germany, Poland


Traveling cinema by bike with open air screenings

  • Moviemiento (Germany)

  • Kulturalny Kolektyw (Poland)

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