CITY Event

The Last event of our Stadt_Land_Fluss Events!

The bike tour with Berlin on Bike visited different places around the theme of the event Higher, Faster, Further? – Energy & Mobility.
Even in the legendary Golden 20s, the motto was “Tempo, Tempo, Tempo!”. 100 years of higher, faster, further have done damage to our planet – global warming and environmental destruction. Is the trend reversal coming now? Or just a pair of fig leaves? The guided bike tour looked at examples of mobility and energy in the city and explored these questions.
The tour ended in the early evening in Görlitzer Park. There, the impressive performance by Maraña, whose set and costumes are knitted entirely from wool, enchanted the audience.
The venue of the performance was transformed into a living space, where the colors, materials and sensations led the audience into an unexplored world.
The crowning finale of the Stadt_Land_Fluss series was to be the bicycle cinema with the last program. At the energy self-sufficient cinema, 10 stationary bicycles are used to pedal the entire electricity for the cinema and the audience can take turns pedaling on their own bikes. A program of international short films curated for the evening was to be shown: from stolen bikes vs unicorns, to the inventor of Critical Mass, small creatures and their love for machines, a satire on our oil-based civilization or a small bike courier business in Lebanon – from docs to fiction to animation, from Guatemala to Spain to Canada.
Unfortunately, however, the weather didn’t cooperate after the performance and left the cinema in the rain, so unfortunately it was cancelled….

Photos: Nadja Bülow