Tangermünde – Fohrde

Alles im Fluss Tour! Two events in a row in Havelberg at the House of Rivers and on the beach of Strodehne have made our Travelling Cinema Tour hearts beat faster, so incredibly great it has been! 5 days feel like 5 years, so many beautiful things we have experienced.
Lee, Van & Stan have enchanted us in both places with their music, we do not stop learning at the herbal tour of Edible Alchmey, in Havelberg there was a wolf rally and in Strodehne a comic workshop and a star walk. Wow.
In between we spent the night on lonely beaches of the Elbe, marveled at the full moon, passed small villages, had swim stops and delicious meals – whole days on the water let us regain our strength, provide pure relaxation – before we continue to the next event in Fohrde! We are looking forward to it!

Photos: Nadja Bülow