Living Legends – Follow-up workshops

In the follow-up workshops, Moviemiento continues to implement the workshop concept that was developed together with its international partners during the Living Legends Tour 2017 through collecting new stories from a wide range of regions.

During the five to seven-day workshops, short animated films on fairy tales, myths and legends from the local region are developed together with young participants. First, elderly people who still remember these vanishing local stories are interviewed, before the stories are transformed into animated films using stop-motion technology. At the end of each workshop there is a public presentation and all films are uploaded to the project website.

Stop Motion workshops

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Living Legends in Bad Belzig, Brandenburg
In September 2019, Moviemiento and Ecuadorian partners worked for a week with eighth grade students at the Fläming Gymnasium as part of the Kreativsause Hoher Fläming to complete two animated films on regional myths.

Digital storytelling in Schillerkiez, Berlin
In the autumn of 2017, in cooperation with the Karlsgarten Primary School and the Schillerwerkstatt in Berlin Neukölln, a school animation-film club took place once a week for pupils in grades 4, 5 and 6. Together with the young participants, three new short films were created that illustrate legends from the neighborhood.

Workshop with the Welcome Class at the Röntgen School, Berlin
In Berlin Treptow, Moviemiento tested the Living Legends concept for the first time with a welcome class in the autumn of 2016.

A digital story map

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The aim of the Living Legends project is to impart media competencies through the creative use of the medium of film. The project aims to preserve disappearing oral tradition and works to establish a dialogue between different generations. Moviemiento wants to digitally process and preserve as many of these stories told by different cultures as possible with the help of the workshops and the young participants using stop-motion technique. In this way, a constantly growing archive of stories will be accessible on a virtual map.
If you are interested in a workshop in your region, the workshop manual can be downloaded for free from the website or the Moviemiento team can be engaged to lead a workshop. Moviemiento is always happy to cooperate with local teams interested in carrying out workshops.

Living Legends Follow-up-Workshops


2016, 2017, 2019, Germany


Stop Motion workshops

  • Moviemiento (Germany)

  • Schillerwerkstatt (Germany)

  • Karlsgarten primary school (Germany)

  • Badaboom (Germany)

  • COCONAT (Germany)

  • Fläming Gymnasium Bad Belzig (Germany)

  • La Cinta Corta (Ecuador)

  • Kijufi (Germany)

  • Jugendkunst- und Kulturzentrum Gérard Philipe (Germany)

  • Röntgenschool (Germany)

Some films from the workshops:

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