Alles im Fluss (3)

For the third year in a row, the Moviemiento and Panther Ray crews toured Brandenburg’s waters together, with a free herbal tour, raft concert & raft cinema on the banks of the Havel. This time there were two events along the route, with record crowds in Brandenburg an der Havel.
In close cooperation, Moviemiento and Panther Ray put together a diverse cultural program and invited open air visitors to the riverbank.

The Panther Ray is a cultural raft made from recycled materials that serves as a floating stage for art, culture and community life and is operated by a collective.

The events

The events With herbs, piano & cinema

The Edible Alechmy herb tour had over 40 participants, who were able to learn how countless wild herbs grow by the wayside in the city and what they can be used for.
Carlos St. Ana enchanted the audience on the riverbank with old-style hot jazz on the piano and, in keeping with tradition, the evening ended under the stars with an open-air cinema. Fun, international short films of various genres were shown.

The second purely musical event celebrated the 20th anniversary of Moviemiento.n.


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Alles im Fluss (3)


2023, 12 Tage, Deutschland, Brandenburg


Wanderkino-Floßtour, 2 Events, Open-Air Kino, Konzert, Kräutertour

  • Moviemiento e.V.

  • Panther Ray