Couch Potato Stop Motion Challenge

In small teams we create together from home a stop motion film! Moviemiento starts with a sequence and sends it to the first team. Each team has then 48 hours to animate one after the other.
All teams see only the sequence created by the previous team and then make their own little film, starting where the story left off. The main character is always a potato figure, but what she experiences and how the story continues, you decide each time anew!
You can register for the challenge as an individual, a house community, an organization, a family etc.
The project connects people from all over the world and we share a common creative and interactive experience – from home.
No previous knowledge is necessary. You get a small video tutorial in which the basics of stop-motion technology and also some functions of the app are explained. We use the free app Stop-Motion-Studio and can give you support for it. But it’s up to you which app you use to create the movie. (We don’t get any money for recommending the app!)
The first round of the Challenge starts in June. Further rounds will follow in July and August.
From 20.5.-31.5 you can register here for the 1th round.
The 1th round starts on 3.6.2020 and ends on 25.6.2020. We will arrange the exact 48 hours date within this period with you.
More infos and sign-up here.