6.8.22 Event in Brandenburg (Havel)

18.00 Foraging tour with Edible Alchemy
18.00 Paper making workshop
19.30 Concert: Schubi Straßenfeger (singer-songwriter)
20.30 Open air cinema: International short films under the starry sky

All free of charge – just come by!
Saturday, 6.8.2022 Brandenburg an der Havel
Place: OT Plaue, Sportbootanleger Bornufer, Schloßstraße 27, 14774 Brandenburg

Program in detail:

18:00 Foraging tour with Edible Alchemy:
Discover wild herbs in the settlement area with all your senses: Get to know herbs with the alchemists of Edible Alchemy! Look, feel, rub, smell and taste.
Empowerment for the future: Where do I collect? Where does what grow? Where is it safe? (in terms of toxins, etc.)
Teaching positive alternatives to consumption. If you collect edible wild herbs that cost nothing, are healthier and taste better than the salad from the supermarket, you also prevent environmental damage caused by transport and/or agro-industry.

18.00 Paper making workshop:
Paper making: pulping, couching, pressing… Experience the traditional production of paper and make your own recycled paper. In the process, you will create artistic cards in which you can leave pressed plants.

19.30 Concert with Schubi Straßenfeger (singer-songwriter):
Anarchist singer-songwriter and street philosopher
Provocative poetry from rap to flamenco singing mounts rhythmic guitar chords and seduces the mind where the dance leg has long been swinging. Between thinking and roaring along, only the swing of the hips remains.

20:30 Open air cinema:
An international short film program on the theme of being human – the course of things with documentaries, animations and fiction will be shown.

The event is part of the Alles im Fluss-Tour 2022. In August Moviemiento and the crew of the Panther Ray will be on tour by raft in the western Havelland for over two weeks. At 6 stops along the way, small creative workshops, thematic tours, concerts and open air cinema will take place right on the water. All events are free and open air.