Récupère le paradis

Return to Paradise!
The two-week long festival tour was organized in cooperation with Moviemiento’s long-standing French partners. Récupère le paradis dealt with the notion of paradise with a special focus on sustainability, with regard to mobility and consumption. Moreover, the apple as a fruit and symbol of paradise emerged frequently as a topic during the different events.
The project consisted of two parts: one week of workshops and a bicycle tour to three locations in Götzerberge, Kuhlhausen und Kuhlmühle.

The Film Programme

Between Upcycling and Utopia

The short film programme was shown three times, and dealt with topics of sustainability, upcycling, alternatives ways of living, self-sufficiency, fruits, nature, utopia, drop-out-ism, non-conformism and resource conservation. Of course it all happened under the stars and free of charge.


Workshops, Apples, and More

During the workshops, apple juice (and wine) was made and many delicious apple pies baked. The team also designed and built a give-box, or an unmanned for-free-shop, as well as an innovative mobile compost toilet. The latter was taken on the bicycle tour. Aside from the film presentations many cultural events took place such as readings, guided tours about plants and stars, concerts, parties, and outdoor bowling.




(Photos: Nadja Bülow)

Récupère le paradis - Hol dir das Paradies zurück


2015, 16 days, Germany


Traveling cinema by bike, workshops

  • Moviemiento (Germany)

  • La Fée Nadou/L'Atelier Toupie (France)

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