Films for Future

Once again, Moviemiento organised a film workshop at the Karlsgarten primary school in Berlin-Neukölln. Pupils from the fourth, fifth and sixth grades took part in the weekly film club. The topic of climate change was addressed in various film genres.

The goal of the workshops was not only to produce a finished film, the pupils should also learn to creatively approach different aspects of a topic working in a team.

Animated films and documentaries

climate change

In the first part, the participants familiarised themselves with different aspects of climate change through film examples. After a brief introduction to the techniques and possibilities of stop-motion animation, they developed their own stories and selected suitable materials for their films. From the creation of the backgrounds for the animation sets, the characters and other elements to the credits and the soundtrack, everything was done by the pupils themselves.

In the second part, the pupils got to know the genre of documentary film and were able to deal intensively with climate-relevant topics in their immediate environment. They practised interviews with passers-by and finally arranged interviews with teachers and representatives of environmental organisations who had something to say about the selected topics.

The results are three animated films and two short documentaries in which the participants deal with climate change from their own perspective, for example about paper consumption at their school, plastic waste or the clearance of the rainforest.

Films For Future


2020, weekly during a few month, Berlin, Germany


Film workshop in a school

  • Moviemiento (Germany)

  • Karlsgarten primary school (Germany)

  • Schillerwerkstatt (Germany)


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