Films for Future

In February 2020, a film workshop started again at the Karlsgarten primary school in Berlin Neukölln. There was a great interest from the pupils of the 4th, 5th and 6th grades. The workshop takes place weekly (pauses during Covid-19 pandemic), the aim is to try out different film genres. The main focus is on climate change.

In small groups the pupils develop ideas for their stories and then implement them independently. In this way all children are involved in the production of two to three short films and can take different positions in the film team. The result is a bunch of short stop motion and documentary films in which the participants deal with climate change from their very own perspective.


2020 | weekly during a few month | Berlin, Germany


Film workshop | school

  • Moviemiento (Germany)

  • Karlsgarten primary school (Germany)

  • Schillerwerkstatt (Germany)

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