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Moviemiento is on the move to organise positive exchange.
We transform both public space and people's minds into stages for cultural dialogue, non-formal education, fruitful thinking and the art of joyful living.

With a passion for travel and connecting with others, Moviemiento organises international projects in cooperation with local organisations from the places we visit. Together, we host screenings, events, workshops... and whatever else the future has in store.

Alles im Fluss

14 days raft tour | 11.8.-21.8. | 6 days events

Travelling cinema raft tour through Brandenburg with short film cinema, concerts and workshops at 6 waterfront locations.


CITY Event

Bicycle rally, Performance, Bicycle Cinema

The grand finale of our Stadt_Land_Fluss event series in the Görli!



Wokule | Herbal Tour, concert & reading, Stilt performance and lay-down cinema

The second event from our Stadt_Land_Fluss series was a great success in a wonderfully summer night!
With a herbal tour by Edible Alchemy, a concert & reading by Jayrope & Lippstueck aka Air Cushion Finish, the magical birds and insects of the stilt performance group Team la Supreme and of course ... the lay-down cinema. With photos in the news!