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Moviemiento is on the move to organise positive exchange.
We transform both public space and people's minds into stages for cultural dialogue, non-formal education, fruitful thinking and the art of joyful living.

With a passion for travel and connecting with others, Moviemiento organises international projects in cooperation with local organisations from the places we visit. Together, we host screenings, events, workshops... and whatever else the future has in store.

Couch Potato Stop Motion Challenge

First round is finished| Second round goes till 13.8.2020

Take part in our ongoing stop motion video story! In small teams we create together from home a stop motion film! Moviemiento starts with a sequence and sends it to the first team. Each team has then 48 hours to animate one after the other.


Films for Future

Film workshops | Karlsgarten primary school

A weekly school film workshop started in February in Berlin Neukölln. Pupils produce films on climate change - Films for Future!


Bicycle Cinema On A Ships Sail

August 2019 | Lübeck

Bicycle Cinema, climate shortfilms and a ships sail as a screen!