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Moviemiento is on the move to organise positive exchange.
We transform both public space and people's minds into stages for cultural dialogue, non-formal education, fruitful thinking and the art of joyful living.

With a passion for travel and connecting with others, Moviemiento organises international projects in cooperation with local organisations from the places we visit. Together, we host screenings, events, workshops... and whatever else the future has in store.

Raft tour documentary 2023

"Alles im Fluss"

Once again this year, we were out and about with the Panther Ray crew in Brandenburg's waters. In keeping with tradition, there is a short tour documentary online now.


Spree:publik documentary

Now with engl. subtitles

As part of a joint project between Spree:publik and Moviemiento, a documentary about Spree:publik has been produced. It is now also available with English subtitles! In the documentary, Spree:publik introduces itself and explains why Berlin needs a free harbor for art and culture.