This year there will be again various Bicycle Cinema events:
18.6.2022 in Herzberg, Brandenburg.
20.7.2022 on the East Frisian island Langeoog.
26.8.2022 at Spreepark, Berlin.
03.9.2022 in the Dreiländer Eck, Berlin. There will be two floating raft stages where theater will be performed and short films will be shown. The audience will watch from land and pedal the power for the cinema with 10 stationary bicycles. The event is one of three events Moviemiento is organizing together with Spree:publik to contribute to the vision of a free harbour for art and culture. All info here.

At the bicycle cinema, the electricity for the cinema is produced by the audience. Ten people sit on stationary bicycles and pedal the energy for sound and image.
The bicycle cinema makes it possible to experience what it means to generate electricity with muscle power. At the same time, climate protection and mobility are addressed.